Monday, June 28, 2010


For some reason, everything I have recently become obsessed with has started with the letter. It was suggested by my friend that I have a subconscious connection to the letter. I just think it's interesting.

There are three main things I've obsessed over: The Battery's Down, Bones,and Ray Bradbury's Fahreinheit 451The Battery's down is a musical-comedy web series on YouTube about the life of Broadway actor, Jake Wilson, struggling to make it big. Wow, that sounded oddly official and review-esque. Anyway, The Battery's Down is hysterical, and all together just a very good show. It is starring and written by Jake Wilson, along with many of his talented, also young actor, friends. The musical numbers are composed by a variety of talented musicians and the series is directed and choreographed by Connor Gallagher. And I'm not talking stupid but funny choreography like in A Very Potter Musical, I'm actual choreography.

What I also love about The Battery's Down is their menagerie (new favorite word) of guest stars. So many prominent players in musical theatre have been in this show! Some of my favorites included Sutton Foster, Alice Ripley, Jonathon Groff, John Gallagher Jr., Susan Blackwell, Allison Janney, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Shoshana Bean, the cast of 13, Bernie Telsey, Tituss Burgess, Matthew Morrison, Whoopi Goldberg, Nikki Snelson, Deidre Goodwin, Perez Hilton, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Caissie Levy, Kyle Dean Massey, Andrea McArdle, Kelli O'Hara, and Annelise van der Pol. As I typed that I felt like I was the announcer that lists the performers in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But anyways, that's not even everyone they've gotten on the show. Some of them are portraying characters, others play exaggerated] versions of themselves, and some make quick cameo appearances. And I am rambling on about this topic. On to the next obsession.

Bones. For years a few of my closest friends have been utterly obsessed with this show. Being in their presence has required me to watch a few episodes here and there, and when I found out that the entire series was available on NetflixInstant I decided to watch from the beginning. I'm hooked. Completely 100% hooked. And after doing some researching/stalking, I discovered that the majority of the principal cast has a training or background in musical theatre. This kind of made my life.

What I really like about Bones is that it is an extremely intelligent show. And I like the characters a lot. But the show is like a cross between a doctor show and a cop show, so it takes all the adventurous aspects of a murder mystery and pairs them with the science of a show like House. I love House also but I don't have to get into that now. Anyway, I love Bones so much and I'm bothering everyone because I talk about it so much

My last "B" oriented obsession is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Bradbury starts with a B, in case you didn't catch that. So basically, I can't explain many of the principles of the book, because my words will not do Mr. Bradbury's any justice. But I just felt so weird after I finished the book, because when I went to put it back on my shelf I realized that this extremely small (only 189 pages in my edition) book was surrounded by a lot of books of a significantly greater size. But this difference is, this book is so much larger in meaning. And that was my tacky philosophical like bit for today.

Happy birthday to the fantastic, multi-Tony-Award-winner, Mr. Richard Rogers, the equally as fantastic but more hilarious Mel Brooks, the wonderful Kathy Bates, the amazing John Cusack, and the adorable Kellie Pickler. I'm into adjectives today.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my obsessions as much as I enjoyed writing about them. You probably didn't, but then again they're my obsessions.

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that's cool that a lot of your interest start with the letter B!