Monday, December 6, 2010

The Woes of Money in the Holiday Season

I have a lot of friends. A lot of friends who buy me presents and I buy presents for in return. This is a problem when my debit card gets declined thanks to the fact that someone (that means you, Dad) has been neglecting to keep up with my weekly transactions and I couldn't afford to buy a month late birthday present for Sammy. And this present (which I won't mention in case she reads this) was really cool and took me FOREVER to custom make. But my card got declined. Thanks, Dad.

My money problems don't stop here. Usually what I do for presents is go to Cost Plus and buy tons of different tzotchkes on tiny things and come home and put them in bags with candy or something cute. But when you're buying for 15 to 20 people, even more sometimes, it all adds up.

I have a steady income from babysitting, but I've been haven't had a job in a couple weeks and I need more cash. And I'm a great babysitter too! Kids love me! Hire me! Please! But I'm not desperate or anything.

I just realized House was on tonight. I need to go watch that and then continue watching Bones Season 5 on Netflix. So much TV, so little time.

I won't do birthdays because I did December 6th birthdays this morning which was sort of last night since I hadn't gone to bed yet. So everyone I said happy birthday to, happy birthday again!

Scratch what I said two paragraphs ago... House isn't back until January. More Bones for me then. I love this show so much. I watched nine episode in a 36 hour time frame.

I have no life.

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