Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My choir went to a district wide festival today. Now I have a song stuck in my head. w00t. (inside joke. Actually, I have no idea why we write it like that I just know it's fun to say w00t...)

Tomorrow all the wittle fifth gwaders are coming to visit my school (that they will come to next year). Including my sister! Yay! Sorta. LOTI (laughing on the inside). I'm glad I get to spend a year with her (to protect her from the big, scary, popular girls), but I'm also glad I will be in 8th grade and she will be an ickle 6th grader so we will spend as little time as possible together.

Basically all the 5th graders that will be going to my school next year come and sit in the gym and watch an assembly thing. The honor roll signs (which are humungo) are posted and there's signs advertising the clubs and stuff. I saw one of them, and it said: Be Special! Join Strings! I was deeply insulted. (See the post before last.)

At this orientation, people from different electives come to help the kiddies decide what to do next year. The French teacher does a speech, Eklektikos (or as REL and I call it, collecting clothes) represents strings, the jazz band plays, and the choir sings a song. The choir instructor, let's call him.... Dr. Eggs. Dr. Eggs is trying to make our song (Puttin' on the Ritz) as extravegent as possible. We have dance moves and we even are going to wear shiny hats. Well, 5th graders do like shiny things. Like my swasome shiny shoes. I should wear those tomorrow.......... Anyways, a friend of mine who is also in choir, let's call her Hater of the Egg, pointed out that Dr. Eggs seems to be really jealous of the jazz band. He always talks about how they over power us and we need to be really good for the two minutes we have. So now my point from two posts ago is proven. Our school faculty does treat band geeks better then choir nerds and orc dorks.

That's all I have to say for right now. By the way, Hi Sars's dad! Thanks for reading my blog!!

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Snickers said...

hey, snic snic in the hizzle.....
SIGN UP FOR TENNIS!!!!!!!! I was thinking about how we are really lucky to have two classes with each other this year. Unlike actingfan and i, ho have no classes 2gether. SOB actingfan...... ANYWAY, it helps up catch up and update on what's going on and talk about stuff, but next year, we may have NO classes 2gether, so in order to see each other more and not just during lunch, we should sign up for more after-school activities, like meetings with Yteacher (you know who i mean, not going to say name on internet) and the play. but what if none of us gets in the play next year, or only one of us??? then we only have one after skool activity!! SIGN UP FOR TENNIS!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!? THE You can get out of P.E. in high school if you get on the high school team!!!!!! :o pouty face