Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hi everybody!!!!!! Sorry I haven't updated in YEARS!!!!!! I just couldn't think of anything to say. Today I am going to do one of my signature rants. This one is on the subject of Band Geeks, Orc Dorks, and Choir Nerds.

At my school, being a band geek is not a negative thing. Our band teacher has been nationaly recognized for his skillage at teaching band. But, there is such thing as an Orc Dork and a Choir Nerd. I myself am proud to be a Choir Nerd and I have many proud Orc Dork friends. (In case you didn't get that, Orc means orchestra) The instructor of choir and orchestra, is, ummm.... not nationally acclaimed. As a matter of fact most of the kids at school are afraid of him, making band much more popular then choir/orchestra. All the music groups at my school are much better then other schools, no matter how "humble" they act. (At my school, kids ideas of humble is going "We suck sooooo much! No wonder no one wants to be in Choir")

Yesterday was the San Diego music festival thing. All the advanced orchestra and band members got to school early in the morning (on a Saturday!) and boarded the COACH buses. Then they went to San Diego High School and performed in a humungo competion of mostly high schools, when they are in middle school. They usually place. Then they go to Sea World where they wander with their friends for 2 hours and 45 minutes before taking their seats at the night time Shamu show. Then they go to the HOTEL ROOM where all my friends will be pulling all nighters. The next day they have a buffet breakfast before driving back home, stopping at Knott's Berry Farm on the way. Lucky much???????????????

Here's the coolest thing we get to do in choir:

Around 8 o-clock in the morning we board a ugly yellow school bus and drive the whole one hour it takes to get to Disneyland. Once there we put our things in the dressing room and make our way into the recording studio. There we are proffesionally equiped to record a CD of us singing Disney songs. I find it incredibley cool and an once in a lifetime (well actually this year will be my 2nd time) experience.Everyone else finds it boring and a waste of time. When that's over we get take a group photo and get our plaque and t-shirts. We then change into more suitable attire and enter the park through the cast member entrance of Toon Town. Then we have until 6 to do what ever we want then we go home. You may be thinking, "That's SO cool!" It is, and Disneyland is my favorite place in the entire world, but it's nothing compared to the privelages orchestra gets.

Here's my dilemma. I think the staff members of our school think choir is something kids do because they are too lazy to do a more diffucult elective. I have news for them: Most kids do art, woodshop, office aid, or school service if they want to get out easy. I'm sorry, but it's true. Some people DO do choir because it's easy, but not me. I do it because it's fun and I love to sing. I have learned how to read music and sing harmony, not just the melodies must people are accustomed too. I am an alto, and therefore have learned to sing diffucult parts and tuning out the sopranos in order to concentrate. I have earned my spot at center stage by singing my part loud and proud, and not singing the soprano part because it's easier or "the right way." A choir is a team, and it takes as much skill as other arts. So why do people look down on us? Why are we embarrassed to wear our choir shirts and sing in front of our peers? I have been doing this for two years, and will do it for a third. Next year, most people will have quit choir and moved on to, surprise surprise, cougar service. From recent polls, I have learned that about 5 7th graders and 2 6th graders are continuing choir in their 8th and 7th grade years. (the present 8th graders are graduating). The rest of our chouir will be 6th graders. I feel like some members of the choir is my family, we have become so close. I've already decided that I will run for choir president next year and make it better then ever. Soon, everyone will want to join.

Sorry for my not so random rant, I just had to get that out of my system. Phew! When I think of something random I'll post it.


luv2act said...

humph im in art and i didnt do it cause i wanted the easy way out i did it cause i luv art and infact i thought i was so easy that next year i put my first choice as Year Book.

Anonymous said...


ps: we did have fun on the there....