Thursday, April 24, 2008


Happy Passover peeps!!!! I'm sick of Passover. I want bread. But unlike some people who either do not try or have no will power what so ever (i.e. Sars and Snoopyfan) Snickers and I actually aren't eating bread. Poor Snickers, she had to sit through her French teachers birthday party yesterday where all she could eat was fruit and chocolate covered matzah. Sigh. I think our school should be more Jewishly friendly. They have had parties on TWO fast days and now one on Passover. Grrrrr....

Snickers, you know I can't play tennis because I have absolutley no coordination nor athletic ability at all. And even if we have zero classes together, it's not like I won't be friends with you anymore. How could you ever think that????

Sorry peeps, that's all for today. I only updated cause Snickers told me too. I really have nothing to say.

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Snickers said...

But Passover ends in less than 4 hours!!!! YAY!!! HAVE FUN IN UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!