Sunday, November 1, 2009


You can probably tell I've been busy lately (considering lack of postage) and I have been. So let me do a quick recap.

First of all, October 9th was my 14th birthday. YAY! I had an amazing time and I got amazing gifts from my friends. I would like to especially acknowledge Ashley, for compiling all of my previous blog entries into one beautifully bound masterpiece. I also got other amazing presents, including a deck of cards made by Nicki where each card had a picture of one of my friends on it (i.e. all the twos were Julia, I was on all the kings, etc.). So that was three weekends ago. I don't remember what I did two weekends ago, but LAST weekend was... interesting.

First of all, Saturday morning a group of friends and I went to the California Science Center. It was pretty amazing. We were going for extra credit in science class, but even so it's just a really fun place. We saw the show with the giant human named Tess, played ultimate Jenga, built a fort, went in an earthquake simulator, went drunk driving, and everyone except me went on a bicycle three stories up in the air. I have it on video, and it's pretty entertaining. The ride home was fun because we sang songs to USC fans out the windows of the car. Yup...

Then we come to Saturday night. Homecoming (the football game was Friday night.... that's a WHOLE other story). Or as it has been cleverly renamed by my friend Cheyenne, Hoecoming. Because honestly, it was one of the most awkward nights of my life. You walk into my schools gym, and you see a couple groups of guys and girls trying to dance like normal people with their friends, and then you see HUGE groups of guys and girls grinding each other! It was like watching Mating Season on the Animal Planet. That reminds me, in biology the other day we watched a video about the rainforest, and the lizards were.... never mind. Back to Homecoming. There were a few couples that were never seen with their lips more then an inch apart! At one point in the evening my friends and I plopped down on the couches in one of the corners of the room and just watched in utter disgust. And then we ripped the tulle that was covering the couches and made mustaches. It was like defacing school property. High school has really changed people....

It was funny though, at one point I was standing outside the gym getting food and I overheard this conversation:
Boy: Everyone in there is dancing like sluts!
Girl: Hence the invention of the verb, slut-dancing.

And I laughed. After Homecoming I went to K.C.'s with Sarah and we watched 10 Things I Hate About You. It was a really good movie. It just was. The 90's were just overall kickbutt.

Now to this weekend. Friday night Sophie and Arielle came over to my house to help me cook dinner. We put too little olive oil in the chicken and too much water in the cous-cous. But otherwise all was good.

Then we made an EPIC timeline of a week in our lives (it's more eventful then you think) and we talked for a very long time and then we watched Chicago. Which is amazing. I'm pretty sure I sang "We Both Reached for the Gun" in my sleep though.

And yesterday, of course, was Halloween. Sarah, K.C., Sierra, and I were the Teletubbies (I was Po, the smallest one). Some of the favorite costumes I witnessed though, were road kill, Waldo, Jesus, Dr. House, Marty McFly, Super Jew, and the mustache fairy.

OMG. I just remembered, a week and half ago or something, I got kicked out of biology class! I mean, I talk constantly in that class because otherwise I'd die of boredom, but on this particular day, I guess my friend and I were too enthusiastically discussing the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because when I finally remembered the fourth one's name (Leonardo) I was sentenced to sit in the hallway until the end of class (which was less then seven minutes later).

So basically that's what I've been up to for three weeks.

Happy birthday too Jenny McCarthy, Toni Collette, Bo Bice, Penn Badgley, and other people I may or may not have heard of.

Anyways, don't Google yourself! Bye!

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Ashley said...

LOL GREAT GREAT GREAT BLOG ENTRY, STEPHANIE. Because this time i witnessed nearly all of the stuff u wrote about, but it was awesome reading it from your perspective. i didn't even skim it this time. AWWW CHARLES RUDYAN IS YOUR FRIEND?!?!?! lol don't google yourself hahaha