Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I noticed that I eat all my foods right to left. But I brush my teeth left to right.

Anyways my point is I'm giving up my Sunday rule. I'm just going to blog when ever I want because sometimes I don't want to blog on a Sunday and then I wait until next Sunday and it's just too confusing.

I have a feeling this post is going to be completely random and nonsensical because I don't have much to talk about. Prepare for a ramble!

I feel like this blog has no point anymore and no longer has a universal appeal. It used to be random thoughts that occurred to me and now it's me droning on and on about stuff that happens to me. That's why I started this post with a random tidbit, because I feel I lack some of that old spark. I know it's there... somewhere. (cue dramatic montage and search for spark)

Oh by the way... I went to New York two weeks ago. It was kind of the most amazing trip of my life. I kept having weird interactions with people though. In Greenwich I saw a guy hand feeding squirrels. I mean, if you didn't love the city already that has to give you a reason right there.

My friends and I had such an amazing time on this trip and I don't want to go into all the details and bore you guys like I would have on my previous posts. But to keep it simple, I went all over the Manhattan and saw four amazing shows (Next to Normal, Hair, Billy Elliot, and Lend Me a Tenor) and I just felt so at home. I want to go back. Now. Right now. Yeah.

Maybe I'll do another post later on a more in depth look into my New York experience. Yeah I think I'll do that.

For lack of a better conversation piece, I miss spring break. And guess what! Due to the sorry state of the California public school system, I get another one in the end of May! My school can't afford, well, anything, so to save money we are cutting an entire week out of the year. And losing a week of valued education. Believe me, I'm excited for a well deserved break, but I know it is really unnecessary and it's not going to help me pass my finals. Yes, I am that kind of student.

Sorry to end on a negative note, but I'm tired.

Happy birthday Jack Nicholson, John Waters, and Eric Mabius. By the way, it was Gavin Creel's birthday on Sunday. Celebrate. NOW.

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