Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I had another amazing weekend. I've found the week is terrible and Sunday nights through Friday afternoons are absolutely miserable and school just makes me go into a bought of depression and just want my life in high school to be over. But weekends have the good stuff.

Friday was... dun duh duh duh.... K.C.'s BIRTHDAY!!!!!! K.C. is one of my closest friends and her birthday was definitely a cause for celebration. We had a fantastic time being absolutely crazy and commemorating the anniversary of K.C.'s birth.

In addition, Friday was the spring pep rally where I exhibited no pep and rather chose to read a book. The best part of the pep rally was when they introduced the spring season's sport teams and they each did a little routine. Some were just stupid dancing but a select few teams got really creative. My two favorites were the lacrosse and track and field teams. The lacrosse team came out to the Harry Potter theme song ("Hedwig's Theme") with their lacrosse sticks in between their legs like brooms. I know, that's about a cool as it gets, but the track team I think beat them. They ran out to the Rocky theme song and started sword fighting with their batons until only one player was standing. As he celebrated a team member ran in with the pole vaulting stick thing and stabbed him and won. It was pretty hysterical.

Another random event of Friday was a little game Sophie and I decided to play where we thought of as many phrases as possible where the first word started with p and the second started with r. Some of my favorite phrases include platonic relationships, purity rings, purchasing remembralls, portraying Remus Lupin, placating rascals, picking roses, puking raspberries, among others.

Saturday night was my school's vice versa dance. I was going with my friends Sydney, Sammy, and CiCi so I headed to Sydney's house to get ready around six. I put my dress on and asked my friends to help zip me up. Long story short, the zipper ripped and it was nothing my mom could fix, so I had to drive back to my house and get a new selection of already worn dresses to wear. It was really disappointing because the new dress I bought was really pretty. I liked it a lot. And because of the mishap we didn't have time to go out to dinner and ended up ordering a pizza.

My comments on the dance are simply that it was way better then homecoming. If you want to know my opinion on that, I have written about it in a prevous blog entry. It was just a more low key, less crowded, better dance. And 10X less awkward, that's for sure!

After the dance we headed to Sammy's where we watched The Lovely Bones, which Sammy slept through, CiCi loved, and Sydney and I thought was not very good. It wasn't very good, it wasn't even that creepy. It had moments though, it wasn't an all together terrible movie. I just didn't really like it. I might have liked it better if Sydney and I weren't making fun of every word that came out of the actors' mouths and referring to the villain Mr. Harvey as Stanley Tucci (who did deserve his Osca nom for the part, he's amazing). But it was fun. Afterwards CiCi fell asleep and Sydney and I watched Every Little Step (my 3rd time seeing it) and it was amazing, as always.

This morning we went to this adorable restaurant right on the beach and had a delicious breakfast and took gorgeous pictures. I felt so Californian, eating breakfast on the beach in the middle of March. I'm not a beach person, but I've come to appreciate it. I still hate the ocean and won't go in it, but I love the fact that I can say that I have the beach and I can go there often. It's better then being land locked. And I always have fun at the beach, just not in the ocean. It's the ocean that's the problem.

After breakfast I went to a walk-a-thon that raised money for special needs children and it was pretty cool. There was an African acrobats show, and I came to the conclusion that Chinese acrobats are a lot more impressive then African acrobats. Sorry, guys, but I'd rather see a contortionist balance candles and other delicate items on every surface of her skin available and twist into unrecognizable positions than see six men jump rope, limbo, and do gymnastics. Just saying.

After this fun fundraiser I was forced against my will to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid which was a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE movie. I mean, it was Canadian, and although most Canadian things are awesome, their movies are far from it. But even I, a 14 year old girl who although is extremely interested in film and loves movies to death, but none the less is still a 14 year old girl, was sitting there mentally noting the terrible camera angles used, the on-the-nose costumes, and poorly delivered lines. The best performance was by Chloe Grace Moretz as Angie, the 7th grade girl with unique views on middle school life. Otherwise the movie was just not enjoyable whatsoever.

Happy birthday on March 21st to Johann Sebastian Bach, Florenz Ziegfeld, Sabrina Le Beauf, Gary Oldman, Rosie O'Donnell, and my very dear friend NATALIE!

Time to face the week ahead of my and seven more inevitable nights of insomnia. So long my friends!

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