Monday, April 26, 2010


It's 11:56 P.M. and I'm supposed to be finishing my thematic essay on Cold Sassy Tree. A book I never read. But I'm about 25% of the way done and having trouble finding the quote I want to analyze, even though I know it's in this 391 page book of stupidity somewhere. Well, according to SparkNotes. I didn't exactly read the book.

And I always read the book! I've read some pretty awful books in my time, but this book is in a league of it's own in terrible. So don't judge. Anyways, I was hoping to get my creative juices flowing by writing in this completely rule free world known as my blog. And my dad told me I should write more often. So on to my muse of the day.

I have this habit of comparing things to works of fiction I enjoy. It's just how I make sense of things. I don't think this is going to make any sense unless I can think of a good example,without pulling one from my personal life. But you see, this year I've had so many eerie parallels with a certain book series about a wizard who defeats the Dark Lord as a baby. The problem is when certain people and events just don't fit, and my brain has no where to go. What I realized today, is that different facets of my life parallel different books. Not everyone lives in the same novel.

It's like a birthday card my friend K.C. made me! Oh, it was so clever. It had all these different references to fiction and how they fit into my dream life. Why didn't I think of that before? It would have made the realization about the multiple different books occur so much earlier.

Onto a new topic. Today a young woman came to my biology class and did a presentation on butterfly conservation. I almost cried. I can't stand butterflies. They're hideous creatures masked by the illusion of beautifully patterned wings. It's all a lie, I tell you!

I think if any psychologist were to read over this blog entry they would think there was something seriously wrong with me. I'm rather scatterbrained right now. Analytic essays do that to me. This kind of writing is much better for me.

I just thought of Guys and Dolls because I somehow made it from scatterbrained to that musical in a matter of seconds. Point proven.

So this entry has been a peak into my frazzled mind as I attempt at structured writing.

Happy day of baptism to a favorite playwright of mine, William Shakespeare. You get your own paragraph cause you're that awesome.

Happy BIRTHday to Carol Burnett, Channing Tatum, and a couple other people I'm not sure if I've heard of or not.

Today is also possibly Muhammed's birthday. Yes, THAT Muhammed.

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