Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There come's a point in every school year where it is no longer about learning, but about torture.

Yes my friends, testing season has begun. Tomorrow is my geometry final, even though school isn't over for over a month. I also have a biology test tomorrow. Monday is my AP biology exam. And then there's STAR testing. The tests just continue from there.

I have seven questions left to practice with for my geometry final. I'm in a much sorrier state for my biology tests, but I'm always in a sorry state for my biology tests. At least I have an 85% in the class and my AP exam doesn't count towards anything. (nonetheless my stress level is exceedingly high)

Fortunatley, I still have Friends. I also have friends, but they don't help me stay awake at night while I study my brains out. Speaking of staying awake, people (namely my parental guardians) have expressed their feelings towards my sleep habits, mostly using the word "unhealthy" to describe them. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. If I sleep, when will I get anything done? And trust me, I enjoy sleeping. But everyone has to make sacrifices. We're in a recession.

Speaking of a recession, I'm probably alive in the worst generation to be a teenager ever. We're being completley cheated in our education. And everything costs a lot of money. And I like stuff that costs money. Haha... I'm really spoiled. But that's ok. At least I don't think I'm deprived like I did when I was little. I do get a weekly allowance that I spend on things.

I just wish I babysat more often. No one hires me for anything anymore. And chances are when someone asks I'm busy. But I'm a really GOOD babysitter. I'm not registered or anything but I'm not stupid. I can deal with a couple kids for a few hours. Plus kids just really like me.

This post is making no sense whatsoever. I'm really tired and I have a ton of work to do. This, my friends, is called procrastination.

I'd like to learn how to ride a bike. That was just one of those things I never got to in my childhood, and I don't have a care, so I would really like it if I could have a mode of transportation that's not only good excersize but also good for the environment.

DUDE I just had to restart this computer because it randomly turned itself off. The warnatee on this better be valid because it keeps acting stupid.

By the way, I'm kind of addicted to BEST WEBSITE EVER.

Happy birthday Nellie Bly and Adele. Yeah.

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