Monday, May 10, 2010


Well today was my AP bio test. My father had to wake me up at 6:00 in the morning so I could get ready for my ride to pick me up at 7:00 so I could get to school and start taking my test at 7:30 and finish around 12:00. So when the test was over I called my mom and left school. I was done for the day.

Technically, I'm not supposed to discuss the multiple choice portion of the test with anyone at any time for any reason. Ha ha, right. And I'm not supposed to discuss the essays for at least 48 hours. Once again: ha ha, right. Just so you know, I wrote the best essay ever written. And by best I mean wittiest. And by wittiest I mean... well, you'll see in 48 hours. I'm afraid if someone reads this and I've written my answer and a person from the test finds out I will have "compromised my test score."

All in all, I'm just really glad this test is over and I'm one day closer to spring break the sequel/summer. This test was the cause of so much stress and multiple mental breakdowns. And now I'm almost completely worry free. Starting Thursday I have STAR tests (they're these stupid standardized tests mandated by the state 2nd-11th graders in California have to take) which are SO easy, plus I get to get out of school early.


I'm getting inducted into the International Thespian Society. I'm so excited it's ridiculous. At my school they make a really big deal about the inductions and it's all top secret, but all my friends who are already part of the troupe keep saying weird things like, "You need to let us know if you're allergic to any animal hair or foods," and, "Unless you're extremely comfortable with your body, I suggest you wear a bathing suit under your clothes," and, "Make sure to get a haircut afterwards." So I'm scared, but I'm really excited to. It's a right of passage.

Because today's almost over, May is going to be a really good month. Every year May is extremely busy and somewhat stressful, but now that the stress is over I just get to do all sorts of fun activities.

Happy birthday to Fred Astaire, Bono, Kenan Thompson, and last but most definitely not least, my daddy!

OK now I have to go to Hebrew High. BYE.

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