Saturday, July 17, 2010


Do you ever have such a good day that you bask in the glory of said day for as long as you possibly can? Well, I had a day like that Thursday.

My mom woke me up around 11:30 since I had a make up piano lesson at 12:15. The lesson itself was nothing special, but my teacher and I talked about Harry Potter for a few minutes, which put me in a good mood for what I was about to accomplish.

After my lesson I went to pick up Sydney from her house so that she could help me face my fears. I had decided to get my ears pierced.

Some of you may recall that I am deathly afraid of needles. That's my only explanation for why I waited until I was 14 and 3/4 to get my ears pierced, which really didn't hurt at all. I'm glad I did it, because not only can I wear earrings now, but because I proved to myself that I can control my phobias. It is kind of strange to have two little heavy (well, not really heavy) things in my ears. I can feel their presence but I can't see them without looking in a mirror. Like my nose. It's so weird.

After I returned from getting holes punctured through my earlobes, I quickly changed into nicer clothes and went to pick up my friend Shannon so we could drive into Hollywood and see the 2008 Tony award winning musical, In the Heights. Well, our seats were fantastic, the show was fantastic, and I really loved everything about it. There is nothing I would have changed or fixed at all. Everyone should see this show while it's on national tour, it has something for everyone to enjoy.

And because this is Los Angeles and I was seeing a critically acclaimed show, there were bound to be a few curious celebrities. Directly before the show started I saw Jason Alexander from Seinfeld, among other things, enter the theatre. He was being approached by fans nonstop and I chose not to go up to him. Then intermission happened.

Fortunately, I did not have to go to the bathroom during intermission so I was able to people watch as hundreds of patrons filed out of the theatre. One person in particular caught my mind. Apparently, TJ Thyne, who plays Dr. Jack Hodgins on my favorite TV show Bones, had decided to see In the Heights also. I was in too much shock to approach him as he walked out of the theatre (ask Shannon, I was practically having a panic attack), but I decided I would politely bombard him on his way back. And I did. And I got his autograph. He was very nice. I appreciated it greatly. As you can see, I'm still kind of in shock.

After the show I made the traditional stop by the stage door where I got autographs and pictures from almost the entire cast, including Lin Manuel-Miranda, who wrote the music and lyrics, created the original concept, and starred in the show. The entire cast was so gracious and kind. And I have to say actors in New York are very to the point, sign the playbill and leave kind of people. In LA they stop and have a chat, pose for all the pictures you want, the whole nine yards. Even though I love New York, I am grateful at times for the laid back Californian attitude. But only at times.

Yesterday and today have not lived up to the magnificence that was Thursday. Maybe tomorrow will, since I am heading to the Hollywood Bowl to see She & Him in concert. And considering the "she" is Zooey Deschanel, sister to Emily (who plays the title character in Bones), maybe I'll have a run in with a few more of my favorite actors.

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