Saturday, July 31, 2010


Many of you know that I am soon going to enter my sophomore year of high school. It has recently come to the attention of my friends and I that there is little to nothing important that happens sophomore year. Freshman year is exciting and awkward; you're at a new school with new friends and new teachers and a lot of other new stuff. Junior year is a big deal because everyone is turning sixteen and learning how to drive and getting jobs and thinking about college (if you aren't already). And senior year is important for obvious reasons.

So this realization has given me a brilliant idea. I am going to make a documentary called Sophisticated Morons in order to chronicle the events of an average suburban high school's 10th grade. And then I realized that I am not that great with film, so I might as well change the concept from documentary to weekly updated YouTube series. I don't know if anyone will watch it, but I think it's a good idea.

This just reminded me of the Suckumentary from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Tibby makes a documentary about losers and people with lame lives and things like that. But my "film" isn't a tribute to losers. My friends and I aren't losers... all of the time. My "documentary" isn't a tribute to school or high school or sophomore year. It's more an ode to the students and everything we have to put up with. Especially nowadays, with our entire public school system falling apart around us.

Well. I think this is a good idea. I don't know how it will work out, but we'll see. OH I HAVE A FUNNY STORY I FORGOT TO TELL.

Last night I saw a production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It was an absolutely amazing show and a fabulous production. My best friend Ashley was the pianist in their orchestra, and she is absolutely phenomenal. Everyone involved in the show was so talented and I would give anything to be in a production of that caliber. After the show Ashley's sister Sheila picked us up and we decided we wanted frozen yogurt, but the frozen yogurt place was closed. So then we decided we wanted gelato, but that store was closed too. We ended up going through the drive through at Jack in the Box to get shakes and smoothies. We didn't know what we wanted and there was no one behind us in line, so the guy that worked there told us to take our time. Sheila said something along the lines of, "You know they can see us right? I wonder where the cameras are," as she stuck her head out the window and began to look around. The drive through guy, who we did not know was listening, piped in by saying, "There are no cameras. But I can see you nonetheless." We laughed so hard it was ridiculous. Best drive through experience ever? I think so.

Happy birthday to the amazing, fantastic, best-person-to-have-ever-lived, I don't have words to express how much this person matters to me, J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter series has brought me so much joy since it first became a part of my life in the 2nd grade; and to this day whenever something is wrong I can open any of the seven books or pop any of the DVDs into the TV and I will instantly feel relieved. I can honestly say that my life would be different without this series, and your existence is the primary factor in its existence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and once again, happy birthday.

In addition, today is the birthday of two of the most important fictional characters in history. Happy birthday to Harry James Potter and Juliet Capulet. And Neville Longbottom. So make that three of the most important fictional characters.

I used more semi-colons then usual in this post.

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