Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm Cheating on Drama Club

So you know how I'm the treasurer of drama club? Oh, you didn't? I could have sworn I told you... I'm 99% sure I did. Well, I am. I love drama club with all my heart and I've been putting so much into it. But, like over 11% of married relationships, my monogamous relationship with drama club doesn't fulfill all of my needs, and I recently decided to look elsewhere. English Honors Society.

Allow me to explain. One of the traits that I possess that most of the other drama club members do not is that I'm a complete and total nerd. Don't get me wrong, I love theatre and I'm a total drama geek, but I've became an English nerd no less than a year after I fell in love with musicals. To quote Thomas Jefferson, one of the nerdiest of all our English nerd presidents, "I could not live without books." In English on Friday we had to do a quick write on what life would be like if we couldn't read, and I determined that I would be an unhappy person. So much of my joy in life comes from reading and writing and I couldn't imagine not having experienced Hogwarts, Narnia, Frell, or any of the other places books have transported me, whether they be real or not. Books have taught me about myself and about other people and have quite literally changed my life.

As a member of EHS I hope to share that joy with like-minded others and also with the students I will tutor through the program. I signed up to tutor for kids in my sophomore English teacher's class (because I miss my sophomore English teacher, A LOT) and I am beyond excited. I really feel passionately that being able to read and write well can open so many doors for people, and if I can help people who aren't strong in those areas then that would make me very happy.

Another reason I was motivated to join EHS is because I didn't know it existed. Our school's Math Honors Society is HUGE and has many, many tutors who have helped me study for many, many math tests. I didn't know there was an English Honors Society, and obviously I didn't know that they tutored. I ran for office in the club because I think it's important that people know our school has a resource where they can be tutored in English for free and by a peer. I interviewed for the position of historian (and I'm not 100% sure what that means...) and I got it! Tomorrow morning I'm going in to talk to the co-presidents about it and I'm really excited.

As busy as my life is, most of the things that are making it busy are really exciting. For example, today I went driving again! And for the first time since my horrendous first lesson, I drove over 40 miles per hour. And I didn't kill anyone or hit any other cars!


There are three organizations that I'm really passionate about. Those are drama club, English Honors Society, and the Friendship Circle (which, in case I don't talk about it enough, is an organization where I volunteer with special needs kids and teens). I've assumed leadership positions in all of those organizations (well, I applied for one at Friendship Circle, and I haven't heard back yet, but knowing my track record with FC... well, we'll see) and I think I can pinpoint how each of them affect me.

English Honors Society feeds my brain. It allows me to use my own intelligence to help others and to challenge myself to work harder and live up to the expectations set by being an officer of the club. Drama club is for my heart. Theatre is what I love more than almost anything and being able to perform and create opportunities for others to perform, tech, or support theatre arts makes me beyond happy. The friendship circle elevates my soul. By putting others before myself and truly throwing myself into the mitzvah, I am a part of something bigger than myself.

The pure cheese and corn of that last paragraph is making me smile. I really love what I do. As stressed out as I am, at least I have these things that make me happy and at the same time allow me to become a better person.

Happy birthday to Mahatma Gandhi, Groucho Marx, Donna Karan, Annie Liebovitz, Sting, Kelly Ripa, and Camilla Belle.

Speaking of birthdays, a week from today is my sweet sixteen. Is it weird that all I really want from that day is a new pair of Toms? The ones I got for my birthday last year got ruined after wearing them to Walt Disney World for a week.

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