Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feeling Sentimental

Guess what guys? Okay, you aren't going to guess so I'll just tell you.

I got cast in a show! I'm not going to go into great detail about the circumstances behind the audition, because it's pretty complicated, but I am going to play Sue Bayliss in Arthur Miller's All My Sons. I guess it will be fun.

I auditioned for All My Sons on September 13, 2011. This date doesn't have any real significance (except that it's Bella Swan's birthday in Twilight [the fact that I remember that scares me], except that it is exactly two years and six months after March 13, 2009. And March 13, 2009 was the day The Music Man closed, and The Music Man was the last show I have performed in. The day the All My Sons process began was exactly two years and six months after The Music Man ended.

Going into high school I didn't plan on being involved in theatre at all. I wanted to focus on my grades and I felt the theatre program at my high school was too competitive; I didn't feel like I would be talented enough to get into anything. So freshman year I didn't try out for a single show (I tried out for the improv team, but that didn't work out). I still took theatre class and sang in choir but I was too scared to audition for anything- I didn't even consider it an option. And I hated it. I hated not being in shows more than anything. So sophomore year I decided I would start auditioning for things again.... and let's just say it didn't go well. I didn't get into the advanced choir, I didn't get into my school's improv team, and I didn't get into the fall play. I wasn't able to try out for the murder mystery (I was out of town for a big chunk of the rehearsal process) and I couldn't be in the musical (the show closed three days before the AP Euro test). My self esteem took a trip down the toilet and I missed performing more than anything. I was slightly bitter and immature. So, where did these two years of doing nothing get me?

Well, I'm now a junior. I'm the treasurer of drama club, I'm in the advanced theatre class and the advanced choir. I just got cast in the fall play and I got onto the improv team. Although I'm stressed beyond belief about school but I've never had more fun in high school than I'm having now. I love being a theatre person and being a part of this community.

And this is going to sound extremely dorky but I made a chart on my computer so that at the end of the school year I can figure out how many hours I've spent doing theatre related activities (excluding classes, drama club, drama board meetings, and practicing on my own). It's just one of those things I want to do. And to make it slightly less embarrassing, I only did it because I was making a chart to track my community service hours, and the idea struck me. And in case you wondering, here's how I'm doing so far:
Community service hours: 3
Theatre hours: 13
It will even out! My community service program only started about a week ago, so those hours will add up. Ultimately, I'll probably have a bucket load more of theatre.

So... yeah. That's pretty much it. I was just in a reflective mood and I felt like writing. I'll post something else later. I'm in the mood to talk about books.

Happy birthday to Anne Bancroft, Ken Kesey, Bobby Lee, Constantine Maroulis, and a very special one-day late happy birthday to one of my best friends, Elizabeth. I'm still allowed to say happy birthday because we're celebrating tonight. It's fine.

And to top it off, we're going The Cheesecake Factory, otherwise known as the most unhealthy restaurant in America. YUM.

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