Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Cultural Assimilation Into the Interweb is Complete

Today I made an account on Tumblr due to peer pressure. Yesterday I started using the Twitter account my friend Brian made me for my birthday. I forgot I had it until now... I also have active Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Skype, and Google accounts, in addition to an extremely frequent use of Wikipedia. Oh yeah, and this thing.

Honestly, as a person who feels uncomfortable being identified with the 21st century, this is all very strange. I'm an old person on the inside. I like to read books (NOT ebooks), write by hand, and watch movies that came out before I was born. Now I suddenly have these websites and all this stuff that didn't even exist when I was in elementary school!

It's so funny when I watch movies that take place in what is now the near future (i.e. Back to the Future Part II) and I see all the far things they came up with for us to have, like hoverboards, but they couldn't even anticipate personal computers.

Last night I watched the wonderful film When Harry Met Sally. I kind of want to watch it again tonight. It's one of those movies that gives you this warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside, and on top of that it's not stupid. However, it is tragically unrealistic. And according to my research, Nora Ephron and Rob Reiner were aware of the improbable ending, but hey, it's a movie. We pay for the improbabilities. Who wants to see a movie where what happens is like real life? I mean, all good movies have elements that are real. If a character is completely unbelievable the audience can't relate and thus it is not going to be a good movie. But placing believable characters into unbelievable plots often makes for a great film. It's just how it works.

*non-sequitur number two*
I'm avoiding editing my English essay. It's about how the underlying theme in Jamie Lee Curtis's children's books is about her battle with drugs and alcohol. Oy very.

Happy birthday to Babe Ruth, Ronald Reagan, Tom Brokaw, Bob Marley, Natalie Cole, Kathy Najimy, and Rick Astley. I really want to Rick Roll someone now.

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