Sunday, January 30, 2011

Standing in the Corner, Sipping my V8

This weekend has been packed. Well, for a girl like me with little to no social life, this weekend was packed. Here's a quick (well, we'll see) recap:

I was supposed to go to the movies Friday night but I decided I didn't want to.

I had to get up bright and early to go to my awesome Student Advisory Committee meeting at Center Theatre Group in LA. This week I hit a milestone with my new friends, we started making fun of each other and not getting offended! Eric made fun of me when I complained about the location of the mayo in relationship to the bread and I made fun of Emily when she told me she takes AP Art. We must really be friends now, because only true friends can insult each other without feeling bad about it.

And aside from all that, we made a lot of progress and stuff with our project. I won't bore you with the details.

I made it home from the meeting with barely enough time to change and head over to my school's murder mystery- I had promised to help out. While there I hardly helped at all, since I spent all my time making up dances with Sydney's sister Jillian, who is really awesome and cool and cool and awesome. After the murder mystery, Sydney's mom pulled some strings for me and got me into the totally cool and elite cast party. And by that I mean Sydney's mom asked Shannon (director of the murder mystery, not to mention a close friend of mine) if I could come, and Shannon said yes.

Once at the party, the music was pumping and people were dancing like crazy. And when I say dancing, I don't mean like, homecoming, we're-having-sex-with-our-clothes-on dancing. I mean theatre kid dancing, which is basically let's-see-how-ridiculous-I-can-look-while-dancing-dancing. Theatre kids dance like maniacs. If someone walked into that party and didn't know that we are, according to the state, mentally healthy, they would probably think we all have serious problems. For the first song of the evening ("Barbara Streisand" by Duck Soup), I stood in the corner and had a V8 (which are surprisingly delicious) while I watched my friends dance their feet off in a ridiculous manner. I was laughing and smiling, but I didn't join them in dancing because I was afraid I would look stupid instead of funny. But when the second song came on, I thought, 'Screw it,' and I jumped on the dance floor acting just as crazy as everyone else. I had so much fun dancing all night to songs by a variety of artists, including Cee Lo Green, Britney Spears, and Alan Menken.

The next morning I volunteered at a gymnastics program for kids with special needs (I'm a do-gooder, what can I say?), which was extremely tiring, especially after a night that went into the morning, Upon my arrival home from gymnastics, I couldn't do anything except sleep. I remember thinking, while in my drowsy stupor, that I am tired too often, and I must have some weird disease where all I want to do is sleep. Now I look back and I realize that I was up until almost two in the morning, so being tired was a completely natural response. I'm funny when I'm tired.

Tonight I went to yet another party, this one a bat mitzvah. When I hit the dance floor there, I realized that I was not surrounded by my theatre friends, and I was the only one dancing like someone slipped something into my drink causing me to hallucinate that I was a cowboy with ants in pants. However, I once again thought, 'Screw it,' and continued dancing like the crazy person that I am. Much to my surprise, people started laughing WITH me, not AT me. All my friends thought my dancing was a complete riot and were quite taken by lack of inhibition. It feels good to make people laugh.

Happy birthday to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hal Prince, Gene Hackman, Vanessa Redgrave, Dick Cheney, and Phil Collins. Wow, some of those are my favorite people. Others, not so much. Interpret that as you wish.

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