Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopping at Victoria's Secret- A Personal History

When I first started wearing bras, Victoria's Secret was absolutely off limits in my mind. Just considering shopping at a store so frivolous repulsed my pre-teen mind, and all bras were bought at stores like Macy's at Target, where I could easily disguise that fact that I was buying bras by buying other things. I don't embarrass easily, but something about shopping for undergarments sets me on edge. I've even had bad dreams about people I know seeing me at the mall, shopping for bras.

But earlier this school, I decided to take the plunge and get a fitting and buy a few new bras at Victoria's Secret. The saleswoman measured me right in the middle of the store, which was kind of weird but it's not like there were that many people around, and after trying on different styles and colors, I walked out of the store with two new bras.

Today, in the midst of hoards of shopper eager for deals on after Christmas sales, I once more ventured into Victoria's Secret in order to buy a few necessities, and I noticed something weird. Not only were there two male employees, neither of which showed obvious signs of being gay, but a lot of the woman there were shopping with a significant other. And I'm not trying to judge, but why bring your boyfriend or husband bra shopping? Or any shopping for that matter. Does their opinion matter that much? Maybe it's that their credit card matters that much... I don't know. Some aspects of humanity never fail to surprise me...

Happy birthday to Christopher Durang, Cuba Gooding Jr., Eric Whitacre, Taye Diggs and Kate Bosworth.

And by the way... I still refuse to shop at PINK. I only own one pair of pants from there and I never plan on buying anything else there. I have my reputation to be concerned about.

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