Tuesday, January 4, 2011

30 Reasons Why I Love 30 Rock

As of now, I have seen the first 15 episodes of the comedy series 30 Rock, and I love it. Here is why:
30. They constantly make fun of NBC and show business in general.
29. The ridiculous product placement for Snapple.
28. Tina Fey inserting random bits of her political perspective.
27. The little musical theatre references, usually to Annie or Dreamgirls.
26. I've never liked Alec Baldwin until now.
25. That one actress who isn't Amy Poehler but is funny in a similar way plays a different character in every episode.
24. It was voted as one of the most politically incorrect shows on television.
23. It just isn't PC (which I just found out stands for politically correct).
22. Dr. Spacemen- pronounced Spe-che-min
21. I've been to 30 Rockefeller Plaza (it is plaza, right?) on my trip to New York last spring.
20. They made fun of the Hapsburg dynasty.
19. Tracy Jordan's two entourage members are named Grizz and DotCom.
18. Tina Fey plays herself. Like she does in everything else. But that's ok.
17. Josh Gerard's agent who likes to shorten words.
16. Phil. He's just a really great guy.
15. It's funny.
14. The characters have really funny last names, like Lemon, Maroney, and Donaghy.
13. Jenna Maroney's single "Muffin Top," which was a number one hit in Israel.
12. They call one of the writers Toofer because he's black and he went to Harvard.
11. Sometimes they tell 'yo mamma' jokes.
10. The cast's acceptance speeches at the Emmys are always really good.
9. My friends watch it and I felt left out of their conversations...
8. Conan O'Brien jokes are also funny.
7. The background music.
6. Frank's hats.
5. It gives me something to do besides homework.
4. It's a refreshing breather from every other show I watch (Bones, House, etc.)
3. Ace of Cakes made them a cake once.
2. Did I mention it's really funny?
1. Two syllables: Kenneth.

Now all of you should go watch 30 Rock. If you tell them I sent you you could get a discount at check out.

Happy birthday to Sir Isaac Newton (I watched a documentary about him yesterday!), Jacob Grimm, Louis Braille, Sterling Holloway, Lionel Newman, and Julia Ormond.

I miss the days where I could play with dolls and stuffed animals and it was completley age appropriate.

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