Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Every single year, like most of you out there, I resolve to do the same things: organize and exercise. Also one of these days I should learn how to spell exercise, because without spell check that word would be impossible.

This year I hope to be able to actually fulfill my resolutions. Thankfully, organization was fulfilled for me. While I was in the land of Ohio, my mom, Sophie, and Arielle, took it upon themselves to clean, organize, and redo my bedroom. They even got me a new closet, considering before I just didn't have a closet. I have never been more thankful for such a wonderful gift. I always read things in magazines about how a clean room leads to a clean mind, and I have to admit it's true. I never made the connection until it happened. My mind has officially been de-cluttered. Well, to an extent- there is only so much clutter that can be taken out of 15 years worth of it stored inside my mind.

Lucky for me, nobody is here to exercise (I spelled it correctly the first time!) for me, so I have taken it upon myself to wake up at six, every single morning, in order to take a quick jog around my neighborhood, about 1.3 miles total. Here's a recap of how the first morning went:
My alarm went off promptly at 6 A.M. to one of the most annoying songs on my iPod, "Sneakernight" by Vanessa Hudgens. It's one of those great pop songs where the lyrics are meaningless and it has a catchy enough beat to get me out of bed long enough to turn off the alarm. So, after being effectively awakened I realized that it was still dark outside, and was surprised by the fact that I was awake. I honestly do not remember the last time I woke up before the sun. The darkness intimidated me, in addition to the fact that it was raining. It wasn't pouring or anything, it was more like less than rain but more than a drizzle. So on California standards, it was raining. After stalling for fifteen minutes, I mustered up the courage to get on my brand new sports bra and Nike's and hit the cement. Due to the fact that I am way more out of shape than I thought I was, I ran to the end of the block, high-fived the stop sign, and turned around. This would mean that I ran 2/5 of a mile this morning. And I can't believe I just published that one the internet.

Well you know what? I can't let myself get discouraged. I am setting my alarm once more and I will do it all again tomorrow. Sooner or later, if I push myself, I will be able to run my route in less than 15 minutes, maybe closer to 10. I'm not fast and I'm not striving for perfection, just health.

Well, it also has something to do with the fact that I'll be flouncing around beaches in six months or so. But whatever.

Happy birthday to Cicero, Lucretia Mott, Josephine Hull, J.R.R. Tolkien, Anna May Wong, Victor Borge, Danica McKeller, and Eli Manning.

I had a sub in AP Euro today. She reminds me of Professor Umbridge, the book one, not the movie one.

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