Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Life is a Sitcom

There have been various times in my life where certain situations have felt so unrealistic and just plain stupid that they would only be possible in a sitcom. Truthfully, I would probably make a decent sitcom character. I fall all the time, I'm slightly neurotic, I associate myself with the weirdest people, and I have no profitable traits. But sometimes, things happen that are so sitcom-y that I just have to internally groan.

For example, on Wednesday night I was at a going away party for my friend who left for a semester abroad in Israel. We were sitting at the table, all was well, until I had to reach over to get my wallet out of my bag. I leaned over to my left, in a perfectly normal way, and the back of my chair snapped off and I fell backwards out of my seat. It didn't really hurt that bad and even I was laughing, but seriously? These things only happen to me.

The all-star sitcom moment of my week occurred on Thursday night. Sammy and I decided to try Zumba. For those of you have been hiding under a rock and don't know about this craze that has been sweeping the nation, Zumba is, to put it simply, a dance workout. So, dying to try out this exercise trend, Sammy and I donned are most stylin' sweat pants and t-shirts, ready to bust a move. However, the severity of our situation was unforeseeable until we arrived at the gym where we would be taking our course.

All the women there, most of whom were older, but there was a good variety of age range, had broken out their most intense Zumba-themed workout gear. They had towels and water bottles and sweat-proof watches- everything was so high-tech. In addition, about 80% of the class, including the teacher, were Israeli. Hardly an English word was heard the entire time I was there. And I know I take Hebrew, but as many of you know there is a big different between the way people speak a language in a classroom then how the natives speak it.

In addition to the fashion and language difference between Sammy and me and our classmates, there was also the issue of the workout itself. It was hard! And intense! Well, I might just be ridiculously out of shape... yeah, that is pretty likely. But anyway, I was practically afraid to look into the mirror because every time I caught a glance at myself it was like seeing a scared puppy try to ice-skate. No, I do not know how I came up with that analogy. So yeah. My life has turned into one big fat situation comedy.

Now I shall complain.

You know what sucks? The fact that I have such a lack of social life and obligations that every time one of my friends does something that they want me to be there for or needs me to do something, I can. But, the one time I do something impressive that I would love for all my friends to show up for, they are all too busy and none of them are gonna come. It really sucks. Just saying. I guess that answers the question about trees falling in the forest.

Happy birthday to Ansel Adams, Sidney Poitier, Cindy Crawford, Kurt Cobain, and Rihanna.

What do Vulcans wear when they read? SPOCKtacles.

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