Monday, June 20, 2011

Part Two: Summer... It's Still Back

It seems like yesterday I left off talking about an appropriate workout mindset, and it seems I have on because I totally completed my first day of workout-ing today. I actually ended up doing an hour and a half more of aerobics then I planned on, but that's a story for another day.

I feel the workout was successful. I worked up a quite the sweat and I felt the burn in the intended muscles. Sophie was making fun of me because of the silly exercises in Seventeen, but I am frankly not close to being as in shape as she is, and these did the trick for my quote of training today. And the regimen was written by a really important celebrity fitness trainer named Harley. I trust him. And honestly, if I can't trust Lady Gaga's personal trainer, who can I trust?

I think the motivation thing might actually work out this year, basically because if I don't work out I'm not allowed to watch a movie or read for pleasure (I have to read for school every day regardless). Today, since I worked out, I get to read for pleasure for an hour (I JUST GOT THE NEW ANN BRASHARES BOOK!!!!!! WHO'S JEALOUS?), then I'm going to watch a movie, and then as a cool down before bed I'm going to read from my psych textbook. It's kind of... not the most difficult course I'm taking next year. And anyway, after the whirlwind day I've had, I really need a break. (No, I'm not going into details about my adventure. Maybe tomorrow.)

Happy birthday to Lionel Richie, Nicole Kidman, and my wonderful best friend, Arielle, who was kidnapped today, out of love, by Sophie and I.


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