Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer... It's Back

This is the fourth consecutive summer I have had this blog. And many of you faithful readers have probably noticed a trend about my relationship with the dry season... that relationship being not the best.

I'm not a summer person. Although I'm completely Californian, I'm not into the heat nor the beach, I don't like always having to look skinny and perfectly shaven (summer clothing does not do much for my body) and I never really do anything. When I was little I went to camp, which was wonderful and I am so grateful for. But now that I'm older, and on top of that I only have my learner's permit, there isn't much to do. My family is going on vacation in August, and I'm extremely excited, but until then, what do I do? I have to go to summer school for twelve days and I have a pile of summer assignments and reading on my desk, but aside from those my schedule is open. SO, I have come up with a plan.

I have to do something productive every single day. I know, productive is an extremely vague word. But for example, on Friday I cleaned and organized and decorated my room. Yesterday I was not home between the hours of 11 A.M. and 12 A.M. so nothing productive got done. Today I went on an adventure with Sophie and we bought Arielle's birthday present. That's productive. But overall I want to productivity to fall under two categories- either working out or working on school. Preferably both. But every summer Seventeen magazine publishes a workout schedule, and I sort of followed it last summer. It's extremely doable. But this summer I intend on completing the entire five week schedule. It's Monday-Friday, so I have no weekend commitments to training. However, I will have to avoid sweets. My friend Gabby and her friend made a deal with each other to only have on dessert every two days (or something like that) and the first person to break the diet owed the other $300. I don't have $300, nor a person to give that money too, but hopefully the mindset thing will help.

Ok, so I have to stop blogging now because my family expects me to drop everything whenever I'm doing something to fit their schedule, so expect a part two this evening. Bye for now.

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