Tuesday, June 7, 2011


No one makes you feel anything. I believe that to be true. For example, people say, "She made me feel guilty." Well, no. You already felt guilty, this person just pointed it out. If you didn't actually feel bad, then someone saying those things wouldn't have made you feel any differently. However, I do think that there is one particular feeling that can evoke strong emotions through another person, and that emotion is pity.

Personally, whenever I'm sad or upset or angry or anything to that affect, it isn't real until someone feels bad for me. Until someone says, "I'm sorry," or gives me a hug and sympathetic smile I can't let the feeling out. Of course it depends on the situation, but I am currently being very broad. Everything hurts more when someone else feels you are worthy of their sympathy. This is probably just because it is a reminder of the painful emotions, but it still sucks.

That's why I hate pity so much. Sometimes I need to talk to people about something. If so, I let someone know I want to talk to them. But otherwise I think it's just best if life goes on as normal. Wait, now I'm being an internal hypocrite. Sometimes when I'm upset I prefer if my friends notice and don't wait for me to tell them, and then I get irritated when they don't ask. That's usually when I'm PMSing though, and PMS doesn't count.

In case you were wondering, this wasn't prompted by anything. Yes, I did get rejected at an audition, but I was in a really good mindset for that so I'm literally fine. I haven't even cried or anything, which is weird for me. It just got me thinking about other times when I have been legitimately upset.

It's technically June 7. The only reason I'm up this late is because I'm avoiding doing extra credit. And I need extra credit. I'm just avoiding it. We're getting our yearbooks today. Once you get your yearbooks, that's it, school's over. Even though senioritis has kicked in for everyone (it's not just for seniors anymore!) once the yearbooks go around, it's serious. And that's not really good, because finals haven't happened yet. Oh, well. I love yearbooks. They're probably up there in my favorite kinds of books.

Happy birthday to Liam Neeson, Prince, and Bear Grylls.

*dramatic sigh*.............. homework.................

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