Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm sorry I've been so inactive in my blogging. I know all ten (double digits!) of my beautiful followers have probably been wondering what has been going on that has kept me away. Well, in order to relieve you of your suspense... I had the AP Euro test on Friday. So, the time between April 30 (my last post) and May 6 (AP Euro exam) it is pretty likely that I was off in a corner studying the going-ons in Europe from the Renaissance to the Cold War, shirking my responsibilities in all other areas, and procrastinating on something in some way. Since May 6.... I don't know I've just been busy doing nothing interesting. But I'm back in the blogosphere and blogging is now happening. Yes.

Which brings me to the the next order of business, the explaining of why I probably won't be around much in the next couple weeks. It's audition season, which is practically worse then exam season. Here is a brief overview of my schedule just so you get the gist of what's going on in my life when I'm not blogging:

Audition season kicks of on May 17 with my audition for one of the advanced choirs at my school. There are two of them, my schedule only allows me enough time to do one, if I get into one and not the other I will do that one, if I get into both I will pick the one that is taught by the teacher I don't currently have for non-advanced choir in order to have a different experience. If I get into neither, which ideally won't happen, I am not going to take choir again because I am sick of Choir I and am going to take a film or creative writing class, depending on what fits into my crazy-packed schedule.

Sometime between May 17 and 19 I will be called in to interview for Link Crew, a program at my school for getting new freshman acclimated to high school life. If you've been reading this blog for a little while you would know that. They told me that the interview is super casual and takes literally about ten minutes, and there isn't really anything for me to prepare, so I'm not exactly worried about that. Plus, I think my application was definitely good.

On what was supposed to be May 26 but was pushed up to May 19 I am running for drama board! I haven't written my speech yet, but I know what to say and how I want to say it, so hopefully that won't be a big deal. Just so you know, it's going to be pretty freakin awesome. That is the only detail allowed for now.

May 24 is the day I have to audition for Theatre III (that would be the highest level available at my school) via a monologue of my choosing. Too bad I haven't chosen a monologue yet, nor do I really know what direction I want to go with that. Dramatic? Comedic? Controversial? Awesome? Aaaaaggggghhhhh I need to get a monologue AQAP (as quickly as possible).

And, finally, the last audition I have to face until next fall, I am auditioning for a show that I hope to be in this summer. This show is called Chicago, which obviously has a lot of female characters in it, so I have hope for getting into the ensemble. However, the production company is very elite and I was considering auditioning with another elite company (they are doing The Sound of Music, and I've always wanted to play one of the kids) for security, but those auditions kind of already happened. So, that leaves Chicago, which I would really like to be apart of, however... I'm really, really scared. I had a nightmare about it last night, that's how scared I am. I haven't officially signed up for the audition either. I just feel like I'm not even close to good enough for the company and I already embarrass myself on a regular basis, so adding one more audition-related embarrassments to the list (current total: 6) is not something I want to happen any time soon. AH I'm such a coward.

So, that's basically what's going on with me. I apologize for the horrible vocabulary in this entry, I don't know why it sucked so much.

Happy birthday to one of the most awesomely named people ever, Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, who on top of all that is classified as an adventurer. I don't know who you are, but you seem fabulous. More happy birthdays go to Irving Berlin, Martha Graham, Salvador Dali, Natasha Richardson, and Cory Monteith.

I'm so happy I have STAR testing tomorrow. State mandated testing is the best, it makes me feel so adequate.

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