Tuesday, February 19, 2008


OK, peeps. I need to chat with you all about reviewing. My only faithful reviewer at the moment is Snickers (go Snickers, I heart you!). But my friend, ducksrule71821, has also reviewed. I love ya Sars! (sever acute respiratory syndrome) (long story, don't ask). And now, some one who goes by the name yo mamma has reviewed. Who is the mysterious yo mamma? Please admit who you are or I'll have to come looking for you!!!!!!!

Now to answer some of my reviewers questions:
Sars, I voted for Obama in the primaries because I like him a tad bit more then Hillary. I voted for McCain in the end. So ha!

Snickers, we can't discuss you know what here! It's the world wide web! Who knows who can be reading......... *shifty eyes, evil glare at all people the shifty eye falls upon, beware of the shifty eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!* I need to ask ET to draw shifty eye for me..... (don't ask who ET is, another friend who is a good artist) And I will ask Juliette if you want me to. I just want you to know that Miley Cyrus is one of the most grounded celebrities. She has a spending money limit per moth ($300, I know that's a lot, but compared to other celebs, it's not). She gets her cell phone taken away when she goes over her minutes or texting limit, and she has a curfew. She also gets grounded. And in an interview with her and her dad, her dad said, "When are we going to stop?" (i.e. he was talking about being in show biz) and Miley said, "When it stops being fun." Her parents don't push her into this. They aren't like Lindsay Lohan's parents where she was forced.

I don't have much to say right now. Besides the fact that I'm REALLY hyper and have a catrillion songs stuck in my head. Oh yeah, I remember now! I decided my blog is going to have a word of the day form now on. Today's word of the day is meatsickles:
meatsickles (meet-SI-kuls) noun (English): A frozne piece of meat. Can also be used as a phrase of dissapointmet or frustration. For example, when u loose a puzzle piece, you can yell, "Oh meatsickles!" That's all for now!

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ducksrule71821 said...

if i do recall you voted for obama first. when you could have voted for mccain. wat do u have to say about that?

i read that dude yo mama's comment. scary. looks like someone has a stalker! it could be tickers...