Sunday, February 24, 2008


Okay people, I'm really excited so I'm updating quicker then I usually would. I want you all to know that ducksrule71821 guessed correctly! To see her answer read her review. Sars, your prize is a big hug when I see you tomorrow! Aren't you excited? I bet you are! Darn you, Bet on It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you Snickers, for revealing the secret of Captain Von Trapp's first name. His new name is Captain Billy Bob Bill of Brazil Frank Franklin Jones Von Trapp.There's one problem Nicki, the movie didn't come out when we were in 4th grade! What ever let's role with it. I'll try to find his real name later. Now, to explore the mystery of "man hugs."

Did you ever notice that guys have this wierd hug/chest bump/hand shake/pat on the back thing going on? See, I have compiled a step by step guide of how to do 'THE MAN HUG!!!!' *scary music*
1. Grasp hands firmly like you are shaking hands.
2. Using firmly grapsed hand pull into eachother like your doing one of those wierd chest bump things. Make sure to keep holding hands.
3. Pat eachother on the back with hands that are not holding on to eachother.

Yay! No you all know how to do a man hug! This could be an important life skill you know. Someone could come up to you, put a gun to your head and yell, "GIVE ME A MAN HUG OR I'LL SHOOT!!!!!!!!" So basically, I just saved your life. You guys owe me big time. Word of the day time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pleasantly plump (PLEZ-ent-lee PLUMP) adjective; English: Someone who is chubby, but in a way very cute and almost little kid like. Use this word in this content, "You're not fat, you're pleasantly plump!"

I'll blog again later! Bye!

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Snickers said...

But i didn't see the sound of music until the fourth grade, so technically, it didn't exist to me until fourth grade. SEE THE CONNECTION?!!??! Also, i tried to do some research on the OWF project just now, and i can't find anything anywhere about astrology and myths in the Middle Ages....