Saturday, February 23, 2008


WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Goodbye Girl, Pride and Prejudice, 27 Dresses, Hannah Montana, The Princess Diaries, Minutmen, the Harry Potter series, The Sound of Music and Hairspray. Enjoy!

Guess what everyone? I know who yomama is!!!!!!!!!! But he/she told me not to tell any of you. So you have to guess!!!!! The first reviewer who guesses right gets a special prize.

OK, I was watching this old movie last night called Goodbye Girl. It was made in 1977 and my mom is all, "Omigosh I LOVE this movie!" So I'm thinking kay, I'll watch it. Then my mom fell asleep while were watching but I stayed up and finished watching. It was one of the most predictable movies I've ever seen!!!!!!! It did the whole Elizabeth Bennet/Mr. Darcy thing. If you don't know what I'm talking about, clearly you haven't read/seen the movie version of Pride and Prejudice. Basically, they hate eachother in the beginning and then in the end they fall in love. And I'd just like to know why that is such a popular way for people to fall in love and movies and books, for it is highly unlikely. It happened in 27 Dresses too. I really liked that movie by the way. And Hannah Montana with Miley and Jake. They should totally get back together. Jake is ugly, but Miley makes him cute.

The other really common way people fall in love in movies is they realize that their best guy friend is right for them. Sometime's in these movies the girl liked him all along but the guy never realized. The other way this happens is the guy liked the girl all along but the girl was head over heels for some popular guy. Then girl gets a chance to date popular guy and realizes how wrong he is for her. This happens in The Princess Diaries. I absolutley LOVE those books. And the movie even though it's totally different. This also happens in Minutemen. By the way, that movie is really funny. I thought it would be stupid, but it wasn't that bad. And the Stephanie isn't evil. She is a blonde cheer leader though. Ew.

Also, there are the totally random "didn't see that coming" romances. Like Harry and Ginny. I never excpected them to end up together. But now that I realize it, the signs were there all along. Ginny had a huge crush on him when they were younger. J.K. Rowling makes us think she's given up, but no! She's loved him all along and only dated other guys to distract herself. Then they grow up, start dating, break up, kill Lord Voldy, get married, and have two mini Harrys and a mini Ginny. (Albus, James, and Lily) Yet Ron and Hermione's relationship is almost a perfect example of friends, but more! Actually, they are a combination of both. Because if you remember correctly, you will see that Ron hated Hermione until he and Harry saved her from the troll. After that there were little spurts of romance through out the series, and then in the 7th it becomes absolutley obvious they were meant for eachother. And then they grow up, kill Voldy, (fall in love a little bit before), get married, and have a mini Ron and a mini Hermione. (Rose and Hugo, you'd think Hermione would have better taste in names. Rose, okay, but Hugo? Come on! Did you know J.K. Rowling named Hermione after a character in A Winter's Tale, which is a Shakespeare play in case you didn't know. I bet you didn't. Oh darn, now I have Bet on It stuck in my head! Why do I get things stuck in my head so easily? *bangs head against wall in uber frustration*) This alos happens in The Sound of Music. Seriously Maria and Captain Von Trapp? Isn't she a little bit young for him. Wait, does the Captain have a first name? OMG, no one knows his first name! Someone review with his first name please! But really, a governess (nanny) falling in love with the father of the kids she nannies. The SEVEN kids. Wow.

A rare kind of love in movies and plays is the one were everything turns out the way the lead wants it. Like in Hairspray. Her falling in love with Link is so predictable it's not predictable.

That's all I have for today! Oh wait, word of the day time! Thank you, Sars, for the word.

suicidal emo llama fish (soo-i-SI-dul EE-mo la-MA fish) noun; English: This is a species of fish that has a very long neck so that it almost resembles a llama. The fish is all black and lurks in the depths of the sea. Eventually, these fish commit suicide by banging they're necks (because they have o wrists) against a sharp, razor-like rock. You can use this word by saying, "You're so emo, you could be a suicidal emo llama fish!!!"

OKay guys, I'm probably boring you all, so I'll stop. Next time I blog, we'll explore the secrets of man hugs. OOOO, scary.


ducksrule71821 said...

me: Alex, I'll take people for 1000
Alex: Yomama is this person

*jepardy theme music plays here*

*pushes button*

Alex: Sarah?

me: Who is Stephanie's mom?

What will happen next? You decide

Snickers said...

wow, DOES VonTrapp have a first name?? I think it's Billy Bob Bill of Brazil Frank Franklin Jones is his first name... hey, it all makes sense!!!! I made him up in Fourth grade, the same year I saw the sound of music, the same year we made up doris and jill, who work for B. B. B. of B. F. F. J., who is their director/ producer/ choreographer/...!!!!!!!!! Billy Bob Bill of Brazil Frank Franklin Jones Von Trapp!!! It all makes sense!!!!!!

Snickers said...

When ducksrule71821 was attemping to teach me how to be tough (1st period p.e. thing)I HAD TO LEARN HOW TO DO A MAN HUG!!!! It was uber scary..... AWWW, meatsickles!!!! I just remembered that I ahve homework. C U L8r, g8r. hoot.