Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am in a bad mood today and will give you three reasons why:

1. I've been having bad lucks with field trips this year. We've gone on 4 and 2 have made me cry. 1 made me almost cry. The one that made me almost cry was today. We went on a tour of UCLA, and my water bottle spilled over everything in my purse. Everything. Except for my cell phone, iPod, and keys which were convienently located in my front pockets and didn't touch the water.

2. Presidential elections. I hate how all the kids at school are all, "Vote Obama fo yo momma!" every where they go! Pretty much all of them don't know anything about what each candidate brings to our country, the war, taxes, health care, or anything else! They just listen to their parents opinions (which are usually biased) and then make sure everyone knows that their parents opinions are right. It's stupid!

3. Hormones. Whoever invented them just wants to torture girls. I hate how hormone crazy girls see a guy, think, 'He's cute!' then fall madly in love with him. There's more to a person then cuteness people!!!!!!! You need to take into consideration everything!!! And you shouldn't date someone unless you feel you can maintain a serious relationship with this person, and I don't think anyone can maintain a serious relationship based on cuteness factor.

Thanks fotr listening to me rant! Hopefully I'll be in a better mood later.


Snickers said...

I tried to post something, but it wouldn't let me....:(

yomama said...

why so down? yomama thinks u should be happy, happy, happy. u have easy life. u have many friends, u very smart. other dum-os at school will serve you fries later. u smart lady

ducksrule71821 said...

you know stephanie, i actually know what obama wants for this country. He wants to stop the war. He wants change. CHANGE!!!!!! Actually, at first, my parents wanted Hilary, but no, I was Obama all the way. Before he was cool. So that's why I say, OBAMA FOR YO MAMA!!!!!
rant over
PS actually in the election in class, you voted for Obama because we were. I think that's hypercritical of your speech