Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attempting to Blog Daily

I've been blogging pretty consistently for a couple days now, and I would really like to blog every day... but I don't really have anything to talk about right now.

Oh crap I have to fill out my link crew application tonight. I'm so done after last nights essay writing fiasco and my mental 12:40 mental breakdown that resulted in a half an hour of Tetris playing even thought I really really suck at Tetris and it just made me more mad at things I'm not good at.

I just want to read. Is that too much to ask? I just want to lie in bed all day every day and read books that no one is forcing me to read. However, I am currently being forced to read 1984, which I feel won't be bad at all compared to other books I have been forced to read (i.e. Cold Sassy Tree). But I feel that even if I wasn't being forced to read 1984, I would have gotten to it eventually and I wouldn't have to stop reading other books I am currently getting through (i.e. Water for Elephants, Paper Towns, The Fellowship of the Ring) in order to maintain my grades.

I am too tired right now. It's painful. And there's a little voice inside my head telling me I need to play Tetris in order to embrace my inner nerd and stop sucking at it. But I need sleep, I really do.

Happy birthday to Carol Burnett, Jason Earles, and Channing Tatum. And unfortunately no one who stood out in my mind as being relevant to AP Euro.

In order for you to fully understand how tired I am, instead of going to Wikipedia to find birthdays, I went to Aeries, which is my school's online grade book. I need sleep.

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