Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Apples

For pretty much my entire life, as long as I can remember, my favorite fruit has been strawberries. I still LOVE strawberries, but right now, I think green apples are encroaching on them in favoritism. Here's why:

Strawberries are very inconsistent in quality. It is far too easy to stumble upon a bad strawberry. They can be too mushy or too hard or too cold or too small.... there is just so much margin for era. Green apples, if not bruised, are almost always perfect. It probably helps that I pick them out myself at the grocery store, but green apples are so perfectly crunchy and tangy and wonderful. I just love 'em. I don't even like red apples at all. Sometimes I like the red and yellow ones, I never like yellow ones, but green ones are always amazing. Except the ones from Costco. But otherwise they are always amazing.

Sometimes it feels like green apples are the one consistent aspect of my life. When every day brings new challenges and situation, it feels really good to be able to take out my lunch after a long, stressful morning and pull at a green apple. Which reminds me, I am very obsessive compulsive about how I eat my lunch. I always eat my sandwich, fruit, salty snack, and then sweet snack. I never eat them out of order and I never start eating one and then stop to eat something else. It just doesn't work that way.

That's pretty much my whole shpiel on green apples and lunch-eating. Yes, I acknowledge that I am not normal.

Happy birthday to Thomas Jefferson (a personal favorite as far as the presidents go), and Lanford Wilson (I actually just saw his play Burn This on Sunday, and I really liked it).

Pretty much all my music department friends are going to Chicago tomorrow for a competition. Needless to say, I'm ditching choir.

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