Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes, I am turning into one of those horrible people who does everything. Nice to meet you.

My entire life I've been jealous of the people who seemingly have it all. They're in all honors classes, play varsity sports, have some form of artistic capability, and can eat as much junk food as the want without gaining any weight. I am not one of these people. I only take the honors classes I care about (i.e. everything except math and science, because as much as I find the two subjects interesting, I can never really understand them), I have absolutely none of the hand-eye coordination or general coordination required to play a sport, I have a limited artistic capability that allows me to participate sparingly in theatre and choir related activities, and no, I cannot eat junk food without gaining weight.

However, I realize that my packed junior year schedule may give some the mindset that I am turning into one of these people. Everyday it seems I add another prospective activity to my list of things that I want to do next year. I am already signed up for eight courses (a 'normal' student takes six, I am taking a zero period before school [oy vey] and I take Hebrew at my temple twice a week after school [another oy vey]), three of which are honors/AP/IB and five of which contribute to my academic GPA, two of which are math and science (which as previously stated, I kind of am not-too-great at), and the other two are advanced level performing arts classes.

I'm realizing this sounds a lot like bragging. Screw it, it's a stress release to sort out my priorities.

Additionally, I am running for Drama Board, which is basically a group of seven theatre kids who control drama club and all the student run theatre activities. If I get onto that, that would be great. I'm planning a really kickass speech. Plus, I am applying and interviewing to be in my schools Link Crew, which is a group that helps freshman become more acclimated to the campus and such. My Link Leaders really sucked, so I am going to try and be the awesomest link leader ever to make up for their failures. ALSO, I plan on becoming re-involved in the Jewish Student Union (I wasn't this year because I kind of forgot it existed) and tracking down the English Honors Society, because I heard that existed and I would really like to be a part of it.

I also will continue to spend at least one hour a week volunteering at the Friendship Circle, if not more, because that is an organization that I have been involved in for many years and it is extremely important to me. In case you didn't know, the Friendship Circle is an organization that gives special needs children an outlet to make friends in a variety of different fashions, and I have been involved since the chapter in my area was formed in 2002. Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

And as previously stated, I have Hebrew twice a week after school. I was going to apply for jobs, but I've decided that's not important. Oh, I almost forgot! I take my SATs and ACTs next year! Joy of joys!

So, with all that going on, let's decide what sacrifices I am going to make. Next year I will NOT:
  • sleep
  • eat
  • watch TV (except Bones, I can give up everything except Bones)
  • read for pleasure (sobs rack through my body)
  • use social networking websites during the school week (I am going to try, really!)
  • have a social life
However, I feel like not having a social life won't be that big of a deal due to all the activities I am involving myself in. I will constantly be with friends, so it doesn't really matter that we won't be spending that much time together in an unplanned, pressure free situation. Right?

Happy Earth Day (I'm currently typing this with all the lights in my room off, no joke!) and happy birthday to Vladmir Lenin AND Alexander Kerensky (OMG I HAVE TO TELL MY EURO TEACHER THEY SHARE A BIRTHDAY) and J. Robert Oppenheimer. It's funny, because we just finished learning about the Russian Revolution and now we are moving on to World War II. Oh, how I love ironically appropriate historical birthday buddies.

P.S. I am very loosely considering auditioning for my school's improv team. I've auditioned before and have been (sadly) denied, and I know they always encourage people to retry.... I just don't know. Advice?

P.P.S. I sure used a lot of parentheses in this post.

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