Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Average Day in the Life (otherwise known as an average day in the past week of my life)

Spring break has always been a trying time in my existence, for it is a time that tests the extremities of how bored I can be and to what extremes I will go to entertain myself. If you have been reading this blog since the beginning, you will know that I really dislike spring break, because generally I lie at home by myself while all my friends go gallivanting around the globe and have fabulous adventures. So, I am going to do a spring break recap for all of you, just so you can see how perfectly average my life is. Or is it?

On Saturday I finally convinced my mom (after weeks and weeks of trying) that it would be a wise usage of her time to drive me to Culver City, which is approximately 45 minutes away from the location of my home, so I can see some of my friends (that I have not seen in quite some time) from the program I participated in at Center Theatre Group. HOWEVER, unbeknown to us when I Google-mapped my friend Emily's home, there was a shit load of construction of the freeway exit to get there. It took my mom over an hour and a half to get me to Emily's house, and when I got there not only was I 45 minutes late, but I was the first person to arrive. To give you an idea of the extremity of the situation, my friend Garrison who lives about 15 minutes away from the locale of this party drove himself there, and when he arrived over an hour after he left his home, he was practically shaking due to the traumatic experience of driving through road construction.

But anyway, the party turned out to be pretty fun. Out of the twenty possible invited guests, only five were there (including the host), and two had to leave rather quickly. So I just spent the evening with Emily and Garrison, and we had a jolly good time.

On Sunday my family and I embarked on an adventure... to the glorious city of Palm Desert. Because, my friends, this is where my mother's parental units reside and we intended to spend at least part of the Jewish celebration of Passover with my mom's side of the family. And I have to say, it definitely wasn't as bad as it could have been. I mean, I was kind of bored which gave me time to finish reading John Green's An Abundance of Katherines, which was quite enjoyable and I highly recommend it, and it also allowed me to realize that I really, really need to study for the impending doom that is my AP Euro exam (less than two weeks. holy crap.) But, my family members were pleasant to be around for the majority of the Sunday and Monday I spent with them, which is definitely more than I can say for other visits to the grand-parental residence.

Tuesday was a semi-eventful day. As I was laying (lying?) on my couch watching a recording of Jeopardy, I received a phone call from Nicki, who alerted me to the fact that she was at the park across the street from my house. I quickly pulled on non-pajamic articles of clothing and hurried over to the park. There I had a picnic with Nicki and various members of her immediate and extended family. This picnic consisted of matzah. Great.

From the park I was picked up by Julia, in all her learner's-permitted glory, and we picked up some Nutella in order to properly spend the day together leading up to the second Seder. We had a fun day of friendship and awesome, and at the Seder I got to play with a really cute baby. And in case you didn't know, playing with really cute babies is one of my many joys in life.

After the Seder ended, Sophie decided to invite herself over to my house because her television failed and forgot to record Glee. Needless to say, Sophie ended up crashing at my pad. In the morning, Arielle came over to wake us up and then we walked over to Sophie's house for a day of nerdfighting. If you don't know what that is, I highly recommend heading over to and figure it out. This day included making the most amazingly epic shirts I have ever had the pleasure to participate in making. I will consider posting a picture of mine eventually, but for now I will just describe it. Across the front it bares the initial-ism DFTBA. It is NOT an acronym, because an acronym implies that you can pronounce it, as in you do not say every individual letter, but read it like a word. Example: NATO. Literally, that was the first thing that popped into my mind. In the bottom left hand corner of the shirt, there is a cartoon giraffe. On the right sleeve, there is an elephant with a fractal inside while the left sleeve contains a mustache. Across the upper back we each wrote our code names for each other, and underneath the symbol for the deathly hallows. I know, you can't contain yourself with so much epic, but you will just have to deal.

That night Arielle slept over, we watched the hit Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth, among other activities, and in the morning she went home. The rest of the weekend is pretty much down hill from there. Considering that afternoon I went to a funeral. And needless to say it really, really sucked, so I don't want to get into that. But it wasn't a good time.

Yesterday and toady have been... lazy. Basically, the last 48 hours have been painfully boring. Yesterday I was so bored I fail to put in words how bored I was. I started calling people who I knew wouldn't pick up the phone just so I can leave them voice-mails, which allowed me to effectively talk to myself without actually talking to myself, and thus not being clinically insane. However, this experience has caused me to discern that bored dialing is practically synonymous with drunk dialing. I do not advise it.

So, in these 48+ hours of utter boredom, what have I achieved? Well, I have not furthered progress on my essay I complained about a week or two ago, nor have I crammed anymore European history into my already packed mind. But let's not dwell on that. Let's dwell on the fact that I am now less than a chapter and a half from completing my driver's education (yay!) and I have now watched every single YouTube video ever posted to the channel charlieissocoollike (yay?). It was totally worth the waste of time, considering Charlie McDonnell is beautiful and British and funny and nerdy and wonderful. And his videos fill me with joy, as do the vlogbrothers videos I am currently watching now that I have seen every charlieissocoollike video. I love the vlogbrothers too, for they are freakin hilarious.

I can't believe I have to go back to school in less than 36 hours. Shit. Shit shit shit.

Happy birthday to the amazing, never-to-be-matched, genius man that was William Shakespeare. *bows down* And also, it is the day of birth of James Buchanan (that's pronounced like byoo-can-in, not buck-ah-nan), Johann Karl Friedrich Rosenkratz (I don't know who you are, but that name is completely phenomenal), Shirley Temple, Michael Moore, Valerie Bertinelli, George Lopez, Kal Penn, and Dev Patel.

P.S. Currently I have 8 tabs open on my computer. It is not necessary that you know what they are, just that you know that they are there, and that I, as a woman, am capable of concentrating on all 8 of these tabs, even though shortly 2 will be closed, and 2 I don't have actively pay attention to, so really, I am only concentrating on 4 tabs. Also, I watched The Wizard of Oz today, which never fails to amaze me in it's amazingness. I love it.

P.P.S. What does Shakespeare say when he blows out the candles on his birthday cake? Answer will be in next blog.

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